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Nylon Pup Pack: Nylon ScruffTag Collar & Matching Leash Bundle

$40.00 On Sale
Nylon Personalized Dog Collar and Matching Leash If you’re adding a new fur ball to your family, you can’t go wrong with a stylish nylon collar and leash set that can fit dogs of most sizes. Adding to your family is exciting, but it can also be...

Personalized Dog Product Bundles

What’s the story behind our chic starter new dog bundles? They’re the perfect combination of safety and style.

That’s right: style! Fashion and accessorizing aren’t just for people, in our opinion. At dogIDs we want your furry pal to look great, too. If you’re bringing a new dog into your home, or you just want to give them a different look, then one of our starter kits is the choice for you.

What’s in a Starter Kit?

Our dog starter kits have the essentials you need to bring a new dog home, take your dog adventuring outside or just to give your dog a new outfit to proudly show off to the other dogs in the neighborhood. Each of our starter kits or "Pup Packs" as we like to call them is a multiple piece matching set which consists of a dogIDs:

  • Dog Collar: Comfortable, safe, durable, and cuter than the leash!
  • Dog Leash: Comfortable and easy to handle, and cuter than the collar!
  • Personalized Tag: A personalized ID tag to help keep your doggo known and safely home!

We offer a wide variety of colors, textures, materials, and themes for you to choose from—there’s something for every season, every mood, every doggo, and every flavor of your personality. Give it a try: Your friends at the park and the coffeehouse will smile grin with envy when they see your dog color-coordinated and regal as can be!

Best of all, you’ll typically save about 20% by buying these items as a set rather than purchasing each piece individually.

Find Fun Fashions for Your Pupper at dogIDs

Our matching set bundles are just the beginning. At dogIDs we have a little of everything for your pup, including collarsleashesharnesses, and the personalized ID tags that gave our company its name.