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Dog Collar NamePlate with Rivets

Dog Collar Name Plate with Rivets If you have an existing collar or leash that doesn't have any identification built in, these dog collar name plates are perfect. Our dog collar name plates are easy to install on most collars with the included two-piece...

ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar Name Plate

ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar Name Plate Your dog’s well-being is a top priority, and that makes having a reliable personalized dog tag an essential. The ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar Name Plate is perfect for open-ended collars. If you...

Heart Pet ID Tag

$8.00 On Sale
Heart Pet ID Tags Show your dog, cat or any furry friend just how much you love them with these Heart Pet ID Tags in two sizes to choose from. Personalization These hanging pet ID tags have a lot of room to house important information. You have...

Small Round Colorful Pet ID Tags

$7.00 On Sale
Looking for a fun way to add some color to your dog or cat’s collar? These Round Colorful Pet ID Tags will do the trick! High Quality Materials These tags are made of anodized aluminum. Aluminum is much more lightweight than similar looking tags...

Painted Designer Cat ID Tags by Andrew

We are proud to feature these Painted Designer Cat ID Tags by Andrew for all cat lovers out there! Cat Designs Our Artisan Partner, Andrew, designed these 7 cat tag options keeping cats and their favorite things in mind. There are several cat designs,...

Pet Tags for Cats

Yes, our brand is dogIDs but that doesn't mean we don't consider cats our best friends too! Here you will find all of the custom pet tags for cats we produce that will look great on your cat's collar or harness. Make sure your furry friend stays Known and Safely Home! Custom cat ID tags are very important as we all know how easily cats can escape and wander so effortlessly and catching them to return home is often very difficult. We highly recommend personalized collars for cats as pet tags can easily get caught on obstacles while they are out and about causing the tag to fall off or much worse, cause your cat to get entangled with obstacles. Pet tags for cats are a necessity but personalized pet collars for cats are even better in our opinion. And did you know we don't just make pet ID tags for cats and dogs? Yep, we make pet tags for all kinds of animals all the time. Goats, sheep, cows, horses, ferrets, you name it, we've made them. We even make dog tags for humans as well!

Our Commitment to Quality

dogIDs’ tags are guaranteed for the life of your pet. If you find any part of our workmanship to be unsatisfactory, we will replace your custom cat ID tags at no cost to you. Our high-power fiber lasers meticulously engrave custom information into each tag deeply and the engraved surface is hardened during the process to increase engraving longevity even more. We guarantee our tags won’t fade or wear out over time. There is a big difference between our high-power deep laser engraving technique and others who mark tags on the surface of the metal with less powerful lasers. Don't settle for tags that need to be replaced frequently due to contact information wearing off. Our pets' safety is way too important. Let's keep them known and safely home!

Order Your Custom Cat ID Tags Today

Our flat-rate shipping ensures your tag will arrive on time and in mint condition, ready to wear. Browse our online collection, and relax knowing that dogIDs takes your pet’s safety seriously.