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One of our best sellers includes our personalized waterproof dog collars. Take your four-legged friend to the beach or allow them to run outside and play in the mud without any fear of that wet dog smell clinging to their collar. Simply run it under the tap if it gets dirty! Another favorite is our nylon personalized collar, which is perfect for those who want an accessory for their dog that matches their dog’s unique personality. Even better, both of these options are customizable!

No dog gets left out at dogIDs where you can have custom dog tags made for specific breeds. Your dog breed silhouette can have a brief personalized inscription along with a variety of fonts to choose from, making for a distinctive design created exclusively by pet parents.

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Keep Your Best Friend Safe with the Help of dogIDs

Our canine-loving staff works hard to provide the best quality products for the complete safety of your precious pet. Personalized dog collar tags should be durable yet stylish because you never know when the puparazzi will show up.

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What is a Slip Collar and How is it Used?
As the name suggests, slip leads and collars simply slip over your dog’s head and have a slip action when pulled tight while around your dog's neck. They are excellent training tools to help your dog learn to behave while walking on a leash.Slip Collar Slip collars don’t have a traditional buckle closure. They are designed as a sliding or "slip" loop. One end of the collar is strung through t…
Most Popular Personalized Dog Collars
Most Popular Personalized Dog CollarsSo you need a new collar for your best friend. With so many collars out there, picking the right one can be ruff. The office pups at dogIDs want to help you out!Personalized Nylon Collars Custom Embroidered Nylon Dog Collar: This nylon collar is absolutely pawesome! With a variety of nylon and thread colors, you can have your pet's name and phone number…
3 Major Benefits of Nameplate Dog Collars
Could you use a new collar for your puppy? While standard collars are lovely, customized nameplate collars are the way to go. These collars provide dog owners with tremendous advantages you’ll get excited to learn about. Continue reading to explore three benefits of nameplate dog collars. Nameplate Collars Are QuietAre you tired of the noisy jingle you hear from traditional ID tags? You can hear t…

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Our small team of crazy dog people loves the fact that our products keep your dog safe and promote responsible dog ownership. We work hard to provide you with a wide range of unique and beautiful products that will withstand the wear and tear that comes with the dog lover lifestyle. Purchase the best for your best friend today!